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»Tree Day and Slovenian Donation to Primary School in Bistrenci Village«   

On 12 March 2009 Slovenian Ambassador to Macedonia Alain Brian Bergant, along with Demir Kapija Mayor – Mr Todor Tosevski and president of the local community of Bistrenci - Mr Zivko Sipinkovski will symbolically plant the first tree seedlings at the four-kilometers-long tree alley located between the vilages of Bistrenica and Koresnica, in the vicinity of Demir Kapija. The local inhabitants will continue planting trees at the same location on Saturday 14 March 2009 on the occasion of the already traditional Day of the Tree, whereby the prject for forestation of Macedonia will continue and at the same time it will contribute to bringing the aforementioned vilages closer to each other. The village of Bistrenci is regarded to be of great significance for the whole Slovenian comunity living in Macedonia, thus making it even more significant for their homeland, the Republic of Slovenia. In 1930 Bistrenci sheltered over 60 Slovenian families, who moved there from Slovenska Istra, Primorska, Trst and Gorica due to the ramifications from the Italian fascism.  Considering the fact that a large number of Slovenian descendants live in the village, the Slovenian embassy has decided to start cooperation and offer assistance in the refurbishing of the primary school in Bistrenci. The first phase will be carried out on 12 March 2009 through donation of desks and chairs, while later on with reconstruction of the facade. The secnod phase will include reconstruction of the school playground. The embassy of the Republic of Slovenia, assisted by Skopje-based JugoExportStil Company, which is importer of furniture from the Slovenian manufacturers and which has provided the procurement and the donation of the needed school chairs and desks, have already succeeded in partly realising the set objectives.To conclude, the Slovenian Ambassador to Macedonia and everyone present will combine the useful with the good i.e. the Day of the Tree with the donation, in order to provide pupils from the primary school in Bistrenci with better conditions as well as greater motivation for studying.