NBRM Report on Crediting Activities in Macedonia
Friday, 22 March 2013 11:27
In February business and saving banks have approved loans worth over 1.8 million which is an increase smaller than 1% euro compared to January 2013.
According to NBRM data, companies and citizens continue to take more loans in denar currency than in foreign exchanges. In February the business crediting decreased, whereas crediting of households and public enterprises grew. The banks have approved to the citizens mainly consumer credits which represented about 40 % of the total number of credits approved to households. They are followed by housing loans, whereas the negative trend in car loans continues. Despite conditions, the negative balances of current accounts have dropped the same as the suspicious claims of banks and households. Unlike crediting, the amount of deposits in business banks grows at a faster pace. In only a month, citizens and firms have increased stakes by almost 62 million euro. NBRM in its last report declared that in February the improvement of the financial markets of Europe, which have a strong influence over the economic situation in the country, has continued. However, according to anticipations the crediting activity will continue growing in the second half of 2013.
Source: Alfa