TIRZ Directorate Head Attends Summit in Malaysia
Thursday, 28 March 2013 11:02
Director of the Directorate for Technological and Industrial Development Zones (TIRZ) Viktor Mizo accompanied by representatives of the directorate participated at the second Global Free Trade and Special Economic Zones and Exhibition Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The TIRZ Directorate introduced its work through direct contacts and individual meetings with 450 delegates and presenters from Asia, Europe, America and Africa. The Macedonian delegation spoke to private operators of zones from India, the Arab Emirates, Korea and Malaysia as potential partners for development and managing some of the zones in Macedonia. “Several of them expressed readiness to visit Macedonia and examine zones due to the existing need of their clients to expand the business operations in Europe,” they declare from within TIRZ. The three-day global fair and summit, which was focused on the strategic and sustainable development of the international free trade and development of the world’s special economic zone, was also attended by panellists who participated as representatives of one of the most developed free special economic zones of the world, as well as by high representatives of the WB, consulting houses and renowned media from the area of the investment sector.
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