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Road situation report - 20.10.2016

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Monday, 22 August 2016 07:44

Skopje, 20 October 2016 - ­ Good driving conditions throughout the country on mainly wet roads. No delays are reported on the border crossings, except for the necessary period for customs formalities. There is moderate intensity of traffic outside of the urban areas. Drivers are generally advised to drive carefully, adjust their speed according to the weather conditions and respect road signalization. Road repairs and construction ­ The traffic on A­2 Kicevo ­ Ohrid highway will be halted 10 to 15 minutes between 13:00 to 15:00 on Thursday due to construction works (mining). ­ Veles ­ Skopje highway ­ Teams are working near the Straza tunnel, and the left late is clkosed for traffic ahead of an through the tunnel. ­ Kumanovo ­ Skopje highway ­ single tracking is introduced between Kumanovo and the Miladinovci pay toll, due to road reconstruction. ­ Veles ­ Skopje ­ Work continues near the Veles pay toll stations, on the A1 Skopje ­ Veles highway. Drivers need to proceed carefully and follow the signs. ­ Resen ­ Bukovo ­ Ilinden AD informs that they are working on the A3 road, at the Resen ­ Bukovo section. Single tracking is introduced every 3 to 5 minutes. This regime will is scheduled to continue until November 2016. ­ Bitola ­ Makazi ­ Traffic is redirected along the A3 road, between the Lukoil gas station west of Bitola and the road exit leading to the village of Rotino. ­ Gostivar ­ Kicevo ­ Bridge repair work is on­going near the Straza mountain pass and single tracking is introduced. ­ Smokvica ­ Gevgelija ­ Reconstruction on the Smokvica ­ Gevgelija section of the A1 highway is underway. Motorists need to follow the appropriate signs. ­ Sveti Nikole ­ Stip ­ Due to highway construction, the existing A4 Sveti Nikole ­ Stip road, in its section between Sveti Nikole and Kadrifakovo, is closed.


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