119th Anniversary of Goce Delcev’s Death Marked by State

President Stevo Pendarovski laid flowers at the grave of Goce Delcev in the church “St. Spas”, on the occasion of the 119th anniversary of his death. “Today we mark 119 years since the death of the Macedonian revolutionary and visionary #GoceDelcev. He is not only the apostle of the Macedonian revolution, he is a world humanist with high international and cosmopolitan views. Glory to him!” wrote Pendarovski. A delegation of the Government, led by the Minister of Labour and Social Policy Jovana Trencevska, together with the Minister of Transport and Communications Blagoja Bocvarski and the Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Bekim Redzepi, also laid fresh flowers. The commemoration of the anniversary of the death of Goce Delcev, as the flag bearer of the Macedonian revolutionary struggle, is also a commemoration of the values ​​he advocated in the struggle for freedom and Macedonian statehood, say from the Government.