1,264 New COVID-19 Cases and 29 Deaths in Past 24 Hours

The Health Ministry registered in the past 24 hours 1,264 new COVID-19 cases and 29 deaths. The Health Ministry also reports that 1,448 patients with COVID-19 are currently hospitalised at clinics all over the country. Problems with lack of vacant beds are reported in Stip, where the COVID centres are full while the modular hospital is yet to be put in function, because of which citizens go to Kocani for treatment for COVID-19. In Skopje, COVID centres will be open at the Clinic for Urology and for Psychiatric Conditions at the Mother Teresa Clinic Centre. A total number of 270 beds for COVID-19 patients remain vacant at clinics around the country. The Education Ministry informed that so far 76 students and 123 teachers that are part of the education with physical presence in schools have contracted COVID-19, and that all measures are taken so that the education process proceeds without major obstructions. The Infectious Diseases Committee is to hold a meeting on Friday in order to discuss introduction of stricter measures for prevention of further spreading of COVID-19, having in mind the fact that in the past week great number of young people are registered as new COVID-19 cases, while two girls aged 23 and 24 passed away on Wednesday. So far in Macedonia, a total number of 123,491 COVID-19 cases were registered, of which 103,374 are cured, 16,543 remain active, while 3,547 have passed away.