182 New Patients, 107 of Which in Skopje, 6 Deceased

182 new cases, 6 deaths in the last 24 hours, as family gatherings continue to increase the spread of the virus, while citizens refuse to reveal recent contacts. New patients fill the capacity of the modular hospital at the Infectious Disease Clinic. It is estimated that there are 40 clusters in Macedonia, half in which are in Skopje. Epidemiologists are still struggling to secure contacts, as new patients are reluctant to cooperate and provide contacts. There are 95 hospitalized patients at the Infectious Disease Clinic, 121 patients at the Hospital “8-mi Septemvri”. The capacities are being filled, and the doctors, although receiving help from their colleagues, are reaching the end of their perseverance and health. Professor Panovski says the next ten days are crucial to the epidemic. The Director of the State Health Insurance Fund, Buhova, announced that by the end of the week, the list of names of all those who refuse the decisions for self-isolation for various reasons, will be published.