27 April case: 62 amnesty Requests filed so far

So far, 62 defendants and convicted persons have filed an amnesty request over the case concerning the 27 April 2017 attacks in Parliament. Jane Cento, however, told the Criminal Court on Tuesday he would not file a request. Previously, that had been done by Igor Jug, too. Dusko Lazarov decided to take the same step. Igor Durlovski will not request to be part of the amnesty process either. As he said, he will prove his innocence in court. That means that 62 of the 70 persons covered in the legal processes are covered by the amnesty. However, there are still dilemmas in the Criminal Court as to who will decide on the requests. According to the small court practice in such cases, as the Court explained, the Trial Council, headed by Judge Dobrila Kacarska, is supposed to decide. “I’ve been a judge for 30 years and I’ve never refused work. The Amnesty Law clearly says a decision is made upon a previously obtained opinion from the public prosecutor. What if I make a decision to amnesty and the higher court annuls it? That means that I have already prejudged the verdict that I will later on need to make,” she said. So far, it’s only been certain that MPs Krsto Mukoski and Ljuben Arnaudov have filed a request, while Johan Tarculovski and Saso Vasilevski have been consulting with their lawyers.