27 April case: Ruskoska to request Extradition for Gruevski and Boskoski

The Prosecutor’s Office has enough evidence that five new suspects in the case concerning the 27 April 2017 attacks in Parliament were the organisers. However, it cannot reveal details about the evidence and what those persons were exactly doing. Former PS Trajko Veljanoski, ex-PM Nikola Gruevski and former ministers Mile Janakieski and Spiro Ristovski are suspected of endangerment of the constitutional order and security. Vladimir Atanasovski, former Director of the Security and Counter-Intelligence Administration (UBK), will be covered in the case as well. According to the Office, it’s not an oversight that they prosecuted the perpetrators before the investigation into the organisers. The process to gather evidence didn’t see special investigative measures used. “It’s not an oversight. It’s about an exceptionally complex procedure. We had a problem with gathering evidence immediately after the event in Parliament,” Chief Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski said on Wednesday. The suspects, it was explained, organised the attack by putting party means in function of the protests outside Parliament in that period. Prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska considers that the law will in this case doesn’t amnesty the organisers. She will request extradition for both Gruevski and former UBK employee Nikola Boskoski, who’s in Greece. According to Gruevski, the current developments show that the political persecution against him and many VMRO-DPMNE members continues. He urged the Office to publicly present the evidence against him.