27 April Organisers Case: Prosecutor Ruskovska Submits Changed Charge

Prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska has submitted a changed charge in the case concerning the alleged organisers of the 27 April 2017 storming of Parliament. In it, it is said тхат ex-ministers Spiro Ristovski and Mile Janakieski were organisers of the For a Joint Macedonia protests. As Ruskovska said in the closing arguments on Thursday, everything was planned, while only the date of the storming wasn’t known. She also stated that the Prosecutor’s Office had proven there had been a plan for action to prevent a Parliament Speaker from being elected. Lawyer Elenko Milanov, on the other hand, said the change of the bill of indictment was a defeat of the investigation. As he pointed out, the changes change the structure and concept of the defence’s closing arguments. That was why it requested postponement. The next hearing will take place on 6 July.