38 Amnesty requests Received by Criminal Court so far

On Monday, the Criminal Court said it had received 38 amnesty requests. Among those that have made a request are MP Krsto Mukoski, Aleksandar Vasilevski, Nikola Mitrevski, Mladen Dodevski and Oliver Radulov. “I will file a request,” MP Ljuben Arnaudov told Kanal 5 TV. Johan Tarculovski, another MP who is a defendant in the case concerning the 27 April 2017 attacks in Parliament, said he would make a decision after consulting with his lawyer. Bogdan Ilievski, Igor Durlovski and Vlado Jovanovski, too, are expected to file requests. Their lawyers are convinced that their clients had a right to be amnestied. Once the deadline expires, the Criminal Court and Public Prosecutor’s Office will make the decision on who will be covered by the amnesty process. Both institutions have five days to review the requests and make a decision on them.