44 New Cases of COVID-19 in Macedonia in Past 24 Hours

Two men infected with VCOVID-19 hospitalised at the Skopje Clinic for Infectious Diseases, one aged 45 from Kumanovo and one aged 78 from Debar, passed away on Tuesday, with which the number of deaths related to the coronavirus in Macedonia is now 9. As health Minister Venko Filipce informed at a press conference in the government, in the past 24 hours 44 new cases of COVID-19 were registered in the country, with which the total number of cases reached 329. Of the new cases, 23 are people from Kumanovo, 12 from Skopje, 3 from Bitola, 2 from Tetovo, 2 from Struga and 1 in Stip and in Prilep. “The increase of the number of cases of COVID-19 is expected, having in mind that according to our predictions, the epidemic is to reach its peak in April, after which it is expected to slow down and lose on its intensity. Our laboratories are working on examination of anti-bodies from blood samples in order to determine is it possible to tackle this epidemic with collective immunity. Our priority is to accept a number of patients that the healthcare system can handle, and we are taking measures in order to prepare in case the number of patients with COVID-19 grows very high,” Filipce said.