639 New COVID-19 Cases, 6 Deaths in Past 24 Hours

The Health Ministry informs that in the past 24 hours 5,390 COVID-19 tests were conducted among citizens, of which 639 turned positive. Over the past day, the Health Ministry also registered 22 recovered patients, as well as 6 deaths due to COVID-19 complications. So far in the country 159,908 cases of COVID-19 were registered, of which 150,635 are recovered, 3,746 are currently active, while 5,527 have passed away. Data of the Ministry also reveal that concluding with Wednesday 12 August over one million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered among citizens, and 454,788 citizens have been fully vaccinated with two doses. After the revelation of the newest anti-COVID restrictions by the government, the interest for vaccination among the citizens significantly increased, causing them to crowd before vaccination points all over the country. In order to reduce the crowds, additional vaccination points were open in Skopje on Wednesday, and another one in Tetovo was open on Thursday.