66th Session Interrupted Due to Lack of Quorum for Adoption of Agenda

Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi interrupted the 66th session, whose agenda was not adopted due to lack of quorum. He said that the MPs will be additionally informed about the continuation of the session. VMRO-DPMNE MPs previously left the parliamentary session, because their proposal to remove the draft decision on amending the decision to elect a president, deputy president, members and their deputies of the Committee on Elections and Appointments was not adopted. “59 MPs voted for the changes in the agenda, and for decision-making it is necessary to have a quorum, there should be a minimum of 61 MPs, but at the moment of voting on the agenda there was no quorum. The agenda has not been adopted for this session, I will terminate the work after this session and you will be additionally notified about the continuation. This session was convened 10 days ago. One MP from the opposition and two from the majority were allowed to go on a delegation to represent the Parliament at the European institutions. Of the 64 MPs, two were known for what reason they would not be in session. At the session, two MPs from the majority are absent without explanation, they are not registered. Unfortunately, one of the MPs is not present due to health reasons,” Xhaferi said.