AA and Besa Support for French Proposal, Add Demands

Alliance for Albanians leader Zijadin Sela met Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski at the MPs Club. After the one-hour conversation about the French proposal, Kovacevski did not make a statement to the media. Sela, on the other hand, considered that the French proposal is acceptable and the chance to start negotiations should not be missed. “It is not just about accepting or rejecting the proposal, but about continuing European integration. There should be no other option for North Macedonia. I think that should be the approach of political actors. I think that North Macedonia should continue towards European integration, there should be no other option for us as a country. We have no hesitation, we would accept such a proposal,” said Sela. Support for the French proposal was also given by the second opposition party of the Albanians – BESA. For them as well any proposal that paves the way for integration in the EU is welcomed. But both Sela and Kasami’s party demand that when the Constitution is opened in order to include Bulgarians in it, to intervene in the section on the definition of the Albanian language.