Additional Funds for TRIKAFTA Secured by Health Insurance Fund

On Monday, Health Minister Fatmir Mexhiti met representatives of the Cystic Fibrosis Association. “Last week, the Health Insurance Fund secured additional funds for TRIKAFTA for an additional number of cystic fibrosis patients,” the Ministry said in a press-release.

As it added, that additional budget will significantly increase the number of patients that will receive therapy on the basis of a decision by a commission. The decisions are made according to a prepared protocol. Mexhiti and the Association’s representatives also talked about the issue of reconstruction and further equipping of the Cystic Fibrosis Centre with the Institute of Pulmonary Diseases in Children, located in Kozle, for which the Health Ministry has received financial assistance from China.

“The Centre will be a modern facility, built in line with European standards, where modern health services will be offered for cystic fibrosis patients, as well as excellent conditions for work of health personnel with patients,” it was added in the press-release.