Ademi: Law on State Exam Stands for All

The Government has named two new Ministers and three Deputy Ministers, which they believe will bring new pulse to their corresponding departments, while the opposition considers the frequent change of staff to be indicator of the Government’s poor policy. As Deputy Ministers have been named. Kiril Kolemisevski – Economy, Elizabeta Naumovska – Education and Science and Nezdad Mehmedovic – Ministry of Political System and Inter-Community Relations, while Nina Angelovska is the new Finance Minister, and Hisen Xhemaili is the new Minister without Portfolio in charge of Domestic Investments. VMRO-DPMNE considers Angelovska to be a poor choice because there are articles published on mediums that she underpaid and/or payed employees under the table, while they have no remarks for the biographies of the other nominees, except that they do not possess the necessary experience for the departments they will be responsible for.