After Scandal, Osmani Announces Vetting All Diplomats

After the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed on Friday that a Macedonian diplomat was arrested in Serbia at the Presevo-Tabanovce border crossing last week while trying to enter Macedonia, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani announced a full vetting of all diplomats to prevent such a thing from happening again. Osmani confirmed that the information published so far is partially correct. It is learned that the person in question is the Deputy Head of the OSCE Mission to Vienna, Mile Milenkovski, who was wanted on an international warrant for an act he committed three years ago. On a private trip, on which, with the help of another person, he helped the brother of the ousted Armenian president, who is being prosecuted in Armenia for tax evasion and illicit enrichment, flee Armenia. Armenian authorities are looking for the Macedonian diplomat that aided the escape of person suspected of abusing several million euros. The Macedonian diplomat and another retired diplomat were arrested on 27 August and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not announce the case.