Aggeler: EU Accession Will Help North Macedonia to Fight Corruption

US Ambassador Angela Aggeler said during the conference “Relations between the US and
North Macedonia in times of geopolitical turmoil” that the accession of North Macedonia in
the EU will help the country to better deal with the challenges at home among which one of
the greatest is corruption. “Political leaders must find a way to set differences aside and
make decisions in favour of the greater good and the prosperous future of the citizens. The
leadership of North Macedonia must find a way to move in the right direction, and the US
are ready to support you with investments, but we cannot do things instead of you. It is
fundamental for the government and the opposition to be able to work together over matters
like the Euro-Atlantic integrations of the country. The latest geo-political events in Europe
and globally showed that a country cannot make progress with isolation and emphasised the
numerous benefits the country can experience if it joins the EU. The accession in the EU
should be viewed through the same prism like the accession in NATO. The US continue to
view North Macedonia as factor of stability in the Balkans, and the bilateral partnership
between the two countries is so strong it can overcome any tougher challenge,” Aggeler said.