Ahmeti: Deals aren’t Made to be Annulled according to Wishes at the Moment

DUI Leader Ali Ahmeti has voiced a stand on the deal “an ethnic Albanian as a PM in the 100-day period before parliamentary elections”. “Deals aren’t made to be annulled according to wishes in the moment. There is nothing, the issue of the deal has been neither discussed nor challenged. However, we are talking about the next steps about how to overcome this emotional, in my view, decision by Zoran Zaev and will be working together to find most sustainable solutions. We have a written and documented treaty. At the joint conference with Zoran Zaev, this was confirmed verbally, but also in the joint internal statement that is signed between parties. However, we confirmed that at a press-conference, too, while, regarding the journalist’s question, I didn’t answer it, but rather I addressed Zoran Zaev and he was answering about this question. The debate is more daily politics than an essential one,” he is quoted as saying by Sloboden Pecat.