Alil Demiri’s Lawyer Say Police Lied about Arrest of Client

“They’re playing games with us and with our lives,” Filip Slavkovski, father of one of those killed in the 2012 Lake Smilkovci killings, told Telma TV on Friday, after Alil Demiri, one of those convicted over the crime, had been first arrested and then released.

Even though it was reported on Thursday Demiri had been detained, he is now a free man, his lawyer, Besnik Berisha, confirmed for Telma. He’s convinced that Demiri will not be extradited to North Macedonia and that police lied about the arrest of his client.

“The information that the Kosovan and Macedonian police arrested him is a lie. They lied to the public. There was neither a police operation nor a search for Demiri. Police conducted routine control. He was in one of the vehicles stopped for a check. He willingly said he was Alil Demiri, one of the persons for which Macedonia had a warrant. He showed the documents that he’d already been released and he’s now home again,” Berisha told the TV station.