All Health Workers Involved in Fight against Virus to Receive Financial Support

On Monday, the Health Ministry said all health workers that were part of the fight against COVID-19 would receive financial support. Moreover, Minister Venko Filipce, said workers most exposed in the fight would receive a 20% increase for two months. The Association of Private Doctors welcomed the decision on the increase. However, it asked why general practitioners had been left out. As far as the case of the 14-year-old girl from Labunista that died on Sunday is concerned, tests showed she didn’t die of the coronavirus. When it comes to the epidemiological situation in Debar, Mayor Hekuran Duka stated it remained stable, adding that the Municipality hadn’t registered a new COVID-19 case for one month. Judges from the Court of Appeals in Skopje said the same day that they’d donated part of the April wage to the efforts to deal with the virus. Their donation amounts to 487,500 denars (around 8,000 euros). Their colleagues from the Constitutional Court donated 138,000 denars (around 2,300 euros).