Ambassador Silvestri: Excellent Relations with North Macedonia in Every Field

The Diplomatic Nights at the Ohrid Summer Festival have this year confirmed and continued the successful cooperation with embassies. The Italian Night was held for the fifth time. Those in attendance enjoyed the performances of tenor Gianni Leccese and pianist Ekland Hasa.

Italian Ambassador Andrea Silvestri said 2023 saw an important jubilee, three decades of excellent diplomatic relations between the two countries. “We have excellent relations in every field. Politically, we always support North Macedonia in Euro-Atlantic ambitions. Also, from an economy standpoint, we have always been an important partner for investments. Certainly, in the field of culture, too. We are very active, especially in the field of music,” he added.

The 63 rd edition of the Festival received record-high support from 11 Embassies, the U.S., Italy, Romania, Serbia, Greece, Poland, Spania, Slovenia, France, and Ukraine. The Festival’s Director, Natasa Popovic, expressed great gratitude.