Amendments to Law on Census Before Legislative Committee Friday

The Chairman of the Committee on European Affairs Arber Ademi from DUI, told journalists that late Thursday afternoon that the session ended with a single item on the agenda – postponement of the census, which would be held from 5 to 30 September. By 15:00, more than 100 amendments had been submitted by the Alliance for Albanians and Alternative. Ademi informed that there were three amendments duly submitted by Levica, but, as he said, they were not supported by the members of the Committee. According to Ademi, there is a possibility to hold a plenary session Friday, to postpone the census. US Ambassador Kate Marie Byrnes spoke with Alliance for Albanians and Alternativa leaders Ziadin Sela and Afrim Gashi to stress the need for a constructive and engaged opposition. Ambassador Byrnes encouraged both leaders to work collaboratively with others to resolve the pressing challenges facing the country.