Angelov, Maksuti: EU Mechanisms for Civil Protection at Our Disposal

Director of the Crisis Management Centre (CMC) Stojance Angelov called upon energy companies EVN and MEPSO to conduct on terrain checks over transmission lines, and for the citizens to not use tools and devices that produce sparks or fire, in order to eliminate potential dangers for new wildfires. “In case new fires appear, we have at our disposals EU and NATO mechanisms from which we can get help immediately, if necessary,” Angelov added. Director of the Directorate for Protection and Rescue (DPR) Bekim Maksuti said that the EU mechanism for civil protection has been active since the start of the crisis with the fires. “We immediately got assistance from Bulgaria, Slovenia and Austria. The wind complicated the situation on terrain, so we focused on saving as much material goods as possible, and thanks to the good cooperation and the utter professionalism of all firefighters involved, some of the fires are completely extinguished,” Maksuti said. EU Ambassador David Geer thanked the EU member-states that provided assistance for dealing with the forest fires in the country.