Anti-Discrimination Commission’s Bendevska: ‘Let’s Test the Court’

For the first time in the country’s independence, a state institution, like the Commission for Prevention and Protection against Discrimination, is seeking court protection against a state institution, the Education Ministry, as an organ of the Government, in the textbook case.

The lawsuit will be submitted as soon as possible to a court, Vesna Bendevska, head of the Commission says. “Our law is lex generalis, which says a court provides protection against discrimination at the highest level. The court is responsible for delivering justice and, really, let’s test the court. All of us, as an expert body, have found it’s about a gravest form of discrimination that covers a big part of primary education students,” she notes.

The Commission will start strategic representation of interests of students against the Ministry, considering that for the fourth school year in a row, a certain number of students have been without the basic means to acquire knowledge.