Apasiev Offends Sekerinska via Facebook Status

Levica leader and MP Dimitar Apasiev sparked controversy on social networks and in the broader public after verbally offending MP Radmila Sekerinska in a Facebook status, as a reaction to her absence from the commemoration ceremony of the Karpalak Ambush. Apasiev criticised Sekerinska’s absence from the Karpalak ceremony using swear words. SDSM MP Kostadin Kostadinov also reacted to the status. “Would Apasiev be kind enough to return the money he earned while working as associate for the Special Public Prosecution? This country does not need fascists such as him,” Kostadinov responded. Apasiev’s status was also condemned by the NGO CIVIL-Centre for Freedom. “We condiment the use of hate speech by Dimitar Apasiev addressed towards Radmila Sekerinska. With his speech, Apasiev supports the spreading of hatred against an individual or a group of people, which is against the Criminal Code,” writes the reaction of CIVIL.