Apasiev Says How Levica will Formulate Referendum Question

“Are you in favour of continuing the EU negotiations, with acceptance of Parliament’s conclusions?” Levica thinks that that makes it basically impossible to reject the initiative from a formal-legal standpoint. That was stated by the party’s President, Dimitar Apasiev, in an interview with Kanal 5 TV on Wednesday. According to him, Levica, unlike VMRO-DPMNE, will not “attack” the Conclusions, not the deal with Sofia, in order for Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi not to have “ammunition” to act like a Constitutional Court judge, that is, not to interpret the Constitution. Levica will ask for a mandatory referendum. Item 1 is the problem with the conclusion, according to Apasiev. It introduces the Negotiating Framework, that is, the three documents not submitted to MPs, and the item that is the so-called French proposal.