Appeal Court: Ruskoska’s Accusation Presents Direct Threat and Meddling

The Appellation Court considers Prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska’s behavior to be abuse of position with the intent, through public appearance, to impose suspicions of elements of corruption in the decisions by the Criminal Council. This is part of the statement released by the Appellation Court after Prosecutor Ruskovska sent SDSM message to one of the judges involved in the complaint procedure by Janeva writing “If you with the Council, released Katica, you should know that I will tear the whole council from their pants with the financial investigation. Because of judges such as Yourselves, we will never enter EU. If it’s not your recommendation, I apologize. But if it is you, you will see.” Former Special Prosecutor, Katica Janeva’s attorneys scorned the statement by the Chief of the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Corruption, Vilma Ruskovska, saying that her statement is absolutely illegitimate and should be considered pressure over the judiciary and their decisions. “Such behaviour by prosecutors presents precedent in the judicial system which directly undermines the court’s reputation, as well as the principles of constitutional dedication by the judicial government and free judicial conviction in bringing court decisions, which represents breaking of the Constitution, laws and the Public Prosecutors Ethical Codex,” is written in the press-release. The management board at the Judges Association condemns the attacks on the judiciary and judges by anyone and considers that they represent direct pressure over the court’s independent decision making. The party Alliance for Albanians published press-release where they condemn the Appellation Court’s decision and remind that there are dozens of cases of Albanian prisoners because of politically framed cases, against who the courts have refused to provide house detention measure. They add that the Government with its influence, in this way attempts to escape criminal responsibility.