Arjanit Hoxha Promotes European Democratic Party

Ex-BESA Vice President Arjanit Hoxha promoted on Saturday his party, the European Democratic Party.

“The first battle is the constitutional changes. Without an outcome in this area, one cannot say how the political scene will shape out. Sure enough, we expect the changes to be adopted because that’s opening the door for EU entry. If they don’t, the country will enter a scenario where the European perspective will need political forces that will unite and not leave the country in the hands of politicians that want to isolate it,” Hoxha said. Hoxha has been joined by MP Nastri Bajrami, too. That means that BESA now has only one MP. SDSM has once called on all MPs to support the constitutional changes.

However, VMRO-DPMNE’s stand has not changed. In addition, the party has asked what happened to the government’s Ilinden Declaration, that is, whether there have been pressures not to make the text public. According to SDSM, however, VMRO-DPMNE has continued to tell lies about its Ilinden Declaration. The party asks whether VMRO-DPMNE MPs have intentionally not informed that the Declaration has been submitted to Parliament.