Around 70 State Officials dismissed in Final Stage of Cabinet Reshuffle

The Government of Macedonia held a special session on Wednesday afternoon, in which it adopted a decision to dismiss, relocate or suggest dismissal or relocation of around 70 state officials, public institutions directors and members of management boards of public institutions. Earlier on Wednesday, the PM Zoran Zaev revealed during a press conference some of the names of the officials during the press conference, among which were MEPSO Director Saso Vasilevski, ESM Director Dragan Minovski, Makedonija Pat Director Gajur Kadriu, Macedonian Railroads Director Irfan Asani, Skopje Healthcare Institute Director Zlate Mehmedovic, Children’s Clinic Director Katerina Stavric Drama Theatre Skopje Director Viktorija Rangelova and others. PM Zaev said that there are different reasons for the dismissals of all these officials.