Arsovska: Belasica Bridge May Be Back in Function for Pedestrians

Skopje Mayor Danela Arsovska informed on Thursday that the Belasica Bridge which is
currently out of order may be put back in function partially. “According to our findings so
far, we believe that it is safe for the bridge to be back in function for pedestrians and cyclists,
and maybe for vehicles in one lane only, but only once the investigation of the team we hired
is done, because we do not want to take risks,” Arsovska said. She also added that according
to the investigation, the fire that erupted under the bridge a month ago has been intentionally
set by still unfamiliar people with unfamiliar motives. The fire occurred back on 11 May and
caused serious damage to the pipes under the bridge and the concrete structure of the bridge
itself, making it unsafe for traffic.