Arsovska: Mayors in Skopje should First Clean their own Municipalities

Mayors of municipalities in Skopje, on Monday, asked the capital’s Mayor, Danela Arsovska, to submit to them a report on the work of the Drisla and Komunalna Higiena (Communal Hygiene) PEs. Orce Gjorgjievski, Mayor of Kisela Voda, said the Communal Hygiene PE should be disbanded and competences should be transferred to municipalities in the capital. “In our view, with a lot fewer resources when compared to what citizens pay now, we will provide services of much better quality than the one that doesn’t exist currently,” he noted. According to Centar Mayor Goran Gerasimovski, it’s about a joint problem that shouldn’t be politicised. The decision, however, was rejected by Arsovska, who said they should “stop acting like influencers and get to work”. She added: “Let them first clean their own municipalities and then make comments!” The Communal Hygiene PE’s Director, Kosana Nikolic-Mazneva, said she was adamant that there would be no municipality where the garbage would not be cleaned.