BESA: Government Fights only to Satisfy Interests of ‘DUI’s Clans’

BESA will not form a pre-election coalition with VMRO-DPMNE. As the leader of the party, Bilall Kasami, said on Thursday, the coalition with SDSM was a mistake BESA wants to avoid repeating. In his view, the Government fights only to satisfy the interests of “DUI’s clans”. Kasami’s standpoint is that the constitutional changes can be made after elections too because, in his view, that’s fairer towards citizens. “Each political party presenting a concrete offer about what its idea is to solve the Bulgaria problem is and how to speed up the integration process,” the BESA leader noted. The same day, BESA criticised DUI over Ombudsperson Nasser Ziberi, too. “Not only the courts, but also the institution of Ombudsperson is controlled by DUI,” the party noted.