Besa Movement in 2022 Will Demand Early Parliamentary Elections

In 2022, the Besa Movement will intensify the activities that would lead to early elections, said from Tetovo, party President Bilal Kasami at the last press briefing, where they talked about current political developments. He believes that the basis for early elections is the lost legitimacy of the Government after the local elections and undemocratic actions in the past year. “The government has lost its legitimacy and the former prime minister himself said that. We could not allow the constant pressure in the Government and that is why we decided to leave it. They did not accept our message and continued with undemocratic measures to stay in power. The fact that it was an initiative to overthrow this Government, the situation with the MP was an additional proof that we have nothing to look for in this government coalition. I do not know if it has happened anywhere else that an MP that has signed to recall the Government for no confidence, suddenly become unavailable for 24 hours. If that could happen to an MP who has immunity, imagine what could happen to any of us ordinary citizens,” Kasami said. According to him, the incident with the MP is proof that the current government partners want to stay in power at any cost.