BESA: Support for constitutional Changes to depend on Wednesday’s debate

Bilall Kasami’s BESA doesn’t know whether it will support the constitutional changes. “That will depend on tomorrow’s debate. The rules of the game have changed. That’s why we’ve filed amendments” MP Fadil Zendeli said on Tuesday. Among the party’s demands are officialisation of the Albanian language and replacement of the word “Macedonian” in the part concerning nationality with “Citizens of North Macedonia”. Regarding the comments made earlier that day by Deputy PM for European Affairs Bujar Osmani that Albanian parties shouldn’t halt Macedonia’s NATO membership, Zendeli said the Deputy PM should go to Cair and ask Albanians whether they accepted to be named “Macedonians” in the nationality part. “If he finds someone that supports, then we will support it, too,” the MP pointed out. The same day, PM Zoran Zaev accepted part of the Alliance for Albanians’ demands, which will see, among other things, removal of the part “citizens living within the borders”, which will be replaced by a part where all communities are named.  Also, Kosovo will be added as the fifth neighbour in the text. Regarding the two parties’ demands for Albanian as an official language, Zaev said they would wait for better times because it was now impossible to discuss such proposals from a legal standpoint. The PM is convinced that the government will be able to manage adjust its stands also to BESA and that its MPs will support the final stage of the constitutional changes.