Besmira Ejupi Case: Latest Developments

The case concerning 28-year-old TV presenter Besmira Ejupi’s potential diplomatic career lasted 48 hours, that is, from one closed session of the Government to another one. On Tuesday, she was confirmed as a candidate for the position of Consul general in New York – New Jersey. On Thursday however, her name was removed from the list of future diplomats. According to Telma TV, the public pressure that Ejupi doesn’t meet the criteria forced the Government to remove her from the list, while the official reaction that followed 24 hours after the scandal broke comes down to a claim that media had incomplete information. To a direct question for PM Dimitar Kovacevski and First Deputy PM Artan Grubi on Thursday whether Ejupi had been a candidate, journalists didn’t receive a direct answer. Grubi however confirmed he had been part of the close session on Thursday. However, he didn’t say what it had been about, adding journalists they didn’t have exact information. Тhe Foreign Ministry’s press-release both Kovacevski and Grubi cited doesn’t mention Ejupi’s nomination says the position in New York – New Jersy – Totowa is not vacant. The reaction, as it was said, was issued due to the numerous pieces of incomplete information about sending diplomats to а mission. The Ministry stated that Jordan Panev was the Consul, adding that he had been named according to all legal regulations.