Bilateral Screening over Chapter 24 Concluded in Brussels

The bilateral screening over the Chapter 24 of the EU accession talks for North Macedonia officially concluded on Wednesday in Brussels. Deputy PM in Charge of European Affairs and Head of the Negotiating Team of North Macedonia Bojan Maricic said that this is the first area in which the integration process has been accelerated. “The first step to “accelerated integration” has been made in the chapter of Justice, Freedom and Security. We asked that North Macedonia joins the European Migration Network, which is another proof of the proper readiness in this area and commitment of the Macedonian negotiating team to the process. We have made great progress in this area, but we must keep in mind that this is an area in which things tend to change really fast. The migrant crisis in 2015 and 2016 and the current crisis in Ukraine showed that we have adapted great deal of our legislature to that of the EU in these areas, which culminated with the singing of the FRONTEX Agreement,” Maricic said. The next part of the screening will take place on 1 December over the Chapter 23 on Judiciary and Fundamental Rights.