Bishop Agatangel Prays for God’s Help for Mickoski

Bishop Agatangel’s actions have once again sparked reactions. Accompanied by Kavadarci Mayor Mitko Jancev, Hristijan Mickoski, and other persons, on Monday, he prayed for God’s help for the opposition leader. “We will not allow someone who doesn’t feel Macedonia to determine our country’s fate,” Agatangel noted. He also referred to Mickoski as “our president”. In Agatangel’s view, Mickoski will, with the help of God and the Virgin Mary, will bring back everything that is holy Macedonian and national. LDP President Goran Milevski, who was part of the event in Kavadarci and heard Agatangel’s comments, criticised the Bishop, saying he tainted the Church. So far, the Macedonian Orthodox Church has been without a comment.