Bled Strategic Forum: Maricic and Osmani Continue Activities

On the side-lines of the Bled Strategic Forum, Deputy PM for European Affairs Bojan Maricic met on Tuesday with Slovenian Foreign Minister and Deputy PM Tanja Fajon.

The message sent is that the EU is creating a positive political momentum, which is favourable for swift progress of North Macedonia on the EU path. The same day, at the panel “Goodbye Europe!(?) – Global Vassal or Global Leader: Europe in a New Geopolitical Age”, held in the frames of the Forum, Maricic said enlargement was the EU’s strongest policy.

The more attainable it is, the stronger the voice of Europe, he added. Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani, too, had activities on the side-lines of the event too. At the meeting with counterparts from the region, he said that in addition to a clear timeframe for the next enlargement of the Union, the concept of accelerated integration of the region before membership would bring greater predictability and stability, and would enhance the enlargement policy’s credibility.