Blockade for Skopje Remains as Sofia Doesn’t Change Stand in Luxembourg

Portugal did everything it could during its EU Presidency for a potential solution, potential compromise to be found to the Skopje-Sofia dispute. That was the message sent by the country’s Secretary of State for European Affairs, Ana Paula Zacarias, on Tuesday, after the end of the General Affairs Council meeting in Luxembourg. Answering a journalist’s question, she said she was sorry that there had been just two instead of four intergovernmental conferences. As Zacarias nonetheless added, that is very difficult, “we understand the difficult political moment with regards to Sofia and Skopje”. In her view, the moment still hasn’t come, while a solution should be found in which all participants and all concerned sides will feel comfortable. She urged the Slovenian Presidency to continue the Portuguese one’s efforts. Previously, the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry had said it adhered to its stand on not green-lighting a start of membership talks for Skopje.