Borissov: Delcev was Bulgarian and fought for Freedom of Macedonia

The Bulgarian PM Boyko Borissov commented on the ongoing disagreements between Bulgaria and Macedonia concerning the origin and ethnicity of revolutionary Goce Delcev. “Our hero Goce Delcev is a target of comments of different nature these days, and that is very sad, because we all know that he was a Bulgarian hero who fought and pledged for freedom of Macedonia. There are other examples in the world too: Che Guevara was of Argentinian origin, but yet he fought for the freedom of Cuba, only to die in a third country. It is sad that these heroes are reasons for disputes among us, instead to serve as something that would keep us united,” Borissov said. The matter was also commented by Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov, who is to pay an official visit to Sofia on Thursday. “I believe that the Macedonian-Bulgarian commission can reach an agreement over these matters, and that Bulgaria will not block North Macedonia’s integration in the EU, having in mind both sides signed the Good-neighbourliness Agreement,” Dimitrov says.