Borissov Hopes Solution to Resume Skopje Integration Will be Found in 2021

Bulgarian PM Boyko Borissov hopes that a joint solution to resume Skopje’s integration path will be found next year. As he said on Tuesday, nothing scary has happened. “How we’ll get there is a matter of political will from both sides,” the Bulgarian PM said.  The previous day, ex-Bulgarian Foreign Minister Solomon Passy had said at an event that he was afraid there was very “stubborn” consensus in his country that was not in the hands of any minister. “I wouldn’t say we have short-term solutions, but rather long-term ones. That’s why I’m highlighting education. Let’s connect universities, academies, students, and youth,” he pointed out, adding that he was certain Skopje’s negotiations process would be shorter than Bulgaria’s, which had lasted from 1999 to 2005. According to Passy, people should look at the future ahead instead of history.