BPPOPOCC Starts Pre-Investigative Procedure About “Suisse Secrets”

The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office for Prosecuting Organised Crime and Corruption (BPPOPOCC) is about to start a pre-investigative procedure in relation to the published details about nationals from North Macedonia having bank accounts in Credit Suisse. The announcement follows the publication of the journalistic story “Suisse Secrets” of the Investigative Reporting Lab Macedonia (IRL), in which the authors claim that two businessmen from North Macedonia, businessman Blagoj Mehandziski and former Deputy PM Minco Jordanov, had bank accounts in Credit Suisse on which great transactions of several millions of dollars have been realised. Mehandziski and Jordanov were accused on several previous occasions of fraud and abuse of state resources. From BPPOPOCC they say that they expect the journalists from IRL to share with them all the information and documents they have acquired that may help the investigation.