Broom process Still being Prepared

Zoran Zaev

The so-called broom process is still being prepared. PM Zoran Zaev still hasn’t met DUI leader Ali Ahmeti and other coalition partners, Telma TV reports. According to Ahmeti’s party, a Zaev-Ahmeti meeting hasn’t even been scheduled, disregarding the short contact an event concerning ecology, the TV station adds. SDSM explains that the analysis of the work that’s been done, which should be the basis to dismiss ministers, deputy ministers and directors, haven’t been completed. “The real broom is in the hands of citizens,” says VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, who’s these days visiting the party’s municipal committees and then sharing photos and short captions on social media. As he points out, the great expectations being created by the government about the process will lead to great disappointments. “They’re repeating that they’ve learned the lesson, that they’ve got the message, that changes are ahead, but none of them says they have failed to produce results and that they’re filing an irrevocable resignation because they’re unsuccessful. Everyone is anchored in the position and waiting for the despot’s decision,” he notes.