Brussels Hopes Negotiations with Skopje Will Start After Bulgarian Elections

The European Commission stated to Brussels correspondent that they do not want to go into details about the political situation in Bulgaria after the elections held on Sunday, but they hope that Skopje and Sofia will reach a compromise. Enlargement Commissioner Ana Pisonero briefly agreed to comment that Brussels “encourages both Bulgaria and Macedonia to find a mutually acceptable solution to current bilateral issues”. “We look forward to holding the first Intergovernmental Conference as soon as possible,” Pisonero added. After the elections took place, the hope is that both sides will be able to sit at the table with a more rational approach, free from election calculations, but statements are coming from Sofia that the elections do not change Bulgaria’s position on this issue, as MEP Andrey Kovatchev said. The state leadership in Macedonia stressed that it still hopes that the first Intergovernmental Conference could be scheduled before the end of the Portuguese presidency, before 1 July.