Bulgaria Issue in Focus of Session for Parliamentary Questions

At Thursday’s session for parliamentary questions, VMRO-DPMNE urged PM Zoran Zaev to say, as it was pointed out, whether the negotiations with Sofia concern the Macedonian identity and language. MPs from Hristijan Mickoski’s party also criticised him for saying that the EU is to blame now. In response, the PM said the “quasi-patriots” from VMRO-DPMNE, with their narrative, just deteriorated the relations with neighbours. The PM said the talks with Sofia concerned the Cooperation Roadmap. The session also saw VMRO-DPMNE present negative stands on the work of the Interior Ministry, especially with regards to issuing of personal documents. However, Minister Oliver Spasovski, answering a question from MP Ane Laskoska, stated that there was no halt, adding that the problem was with the increased number of requests for passports. Next week, the problem with licence plates, too, will be overcome, he said. Laskoska said she was dissatisfied with the answer. In her view, the Ministry is leaving citizens without passports while giving such documents to criminals from other countries. The session saw a heated debate on other issues as well, including education.