Bulgarian Politicians and Institutions React to Shkupi-Levski Incident

Commenting on Thursday’s incidents in relation to the Shkupi-Levski match, Bulgarian PM Nikolai Denkov said on Friday they were a result of constant attempts to cause tensions between the two countries. According to him, the roots of the relations are much deeper. As he added, sports should unite people instead of being something that causes aggression. Prosecutors in Sofia themselves, the Bulgarian PM added, have opened a case and taken action to find out what exactly happened. “What’s most important in this case is for the young person to get stabilised after the surgery. It remains to be seen by us when he will return to Bulgaria and receive treatment,” Denkov noted. The same day, the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry too condemned the incidents. It expects relevant organs in North Macedonia to take the necessary activities for an efficient investigation. Telma reported that Bulgaria had sent a note of protest too. The content has not been revealed, but it’s been found out Sofia condemned the institutional approach towards Bulgarian citizens and police brutality, the TV station added. MEP Andrey Kovatchev, together with fellow Bulgarian MEPs Alexander Yordanov, Asim Ademov, Andrey Novakov, Emil Radev, and Eva Maydell have sent a letter to heads of EU institutions, demanding a reaction.