Bundestag to Discuss Resolution on Integration of WB in EU Next Thursday

Blick in den Plenarsaal

The German Bundestag is set to discuss and probably adopt next Thursday a resolution
for voicing support for the integration of North Macedonia and the rest of the Western
Balkans (WB) in the EU, including also in it the protection of the Macedonian language
and identity. The resolution is proposed by MPs from the ruling Social Democratic Party
(SPD), as well as MPs from Alliance 90/the Greens and from the Free Democratic Party
(FDP). The resolution proposes for the German Government to achieve a consensus on
level of EU that the outlooks for North Macedonia and the rest of the Western Balkans
are credible, clear, supported and with visible progress. “The Russian aggression over
Ukraine revealed a vulnerability of the borders in the heart of Europe, as well as that
dormant or frozen conflicts may escalate once again, and thus endanger the countries’
stability and their interests of the EU. The Western Balkans, despite the great progress
achieved over the past years, still remain a region of latent instability, where corruption,
crime and weak rule of law and judiciary are rife,” the resolution writes among other
things. The Greens MP Boris Mijatovic said that North Macedonia and the Macedonian
language and identity are more than welcome in Europe, while FDP MP Thomas Hacker
said that this is a great opportunity for acceleration of the processes for accession of new
EU members.