Candidates of SDSM won Local Election in Novo Selo, Ohrid


Parallel with the presidential election, a 2nd round of local election was held in the municipalities of Ohrid and of Novo Selo. In Novo Selo, the candidate of SDSM Nikola Andonov won the election by a tight lead winning 49.27 % of the votes, while the candidate of VMRO-DPMNE Nikolco Stoilov won 48.95 % of the votes, and 1.78 % of the ballots were declared void. In Ohrid, the candidate of SDSM Konstantin Georgievski won 54.36 % of the votes, and his opponent from VMRO-DPMNE Mitre Milosevski won 41.68 % of the votes, while 3.96 % of the ballots were declared void.